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Shuffling cards.

Claiming your win.

Verifying your game data.


Last game


Server seed

Client seed

Server or client seed not yet set.

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Current/next game


Hashed server seed

Client seed

Client seed generation

Mozilla Crypto Library
Custom (max 32bit int or 32byte hex)

The client seed wil be converted to a 32 byte hex (shown on the left).

The client verifies deck and server seed on each stand or bust before showing the result, so you can be sure to always see the correct data. Furthermore, the contract verifies the result when you claim your win.
Additionally, you can click on the "verify on contract"-button above. This will reconstruct the shuffled deck using server and client seed and then send deck and seed to the contract for verification.

View the contract on Etherscan.

Welcome to Edgeless Black Jack Beta 0.1

Ethereum based Black Jack with distributed randomness generation and decentralized payouts.

More information on the beta release and a helpful tutorial can be found here

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that this is a beta version. The purpose of it is to showcase/ prototype blockchain solutions for Edgeless online gambling applications. It might contain errors or bugs or security issues. If you find any, please report them to [email protected]